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Personal Liaison

We set you up with a personal assistant who can help with all aspects of Aliyah. Whether you need help with technicalities, bureaucracy, or paying bills. Like a secretary, they can set up an itinerary, schedule appointments, answer your general questions and even accompany you on your errands to act as a translator and as a facilitator on your behalf.

Service Providers

We've sourced business from across the country that will work with olim and not take advantage of you. Paveway holds these “providers” responsible to guarantee your full satisfaction. We will advocate on your behalf to minimize procrastination and prevent unnecessary expenditures. All this at no broker’s fee to the Paveway customer!

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Hello and welcome

Ofer & Yaakov

Meet Ofer and Yaakov, Aliyah enthusiasts and helpers extraordinaire! They founded Aliyah Paveway in order to help Jews who wish to move to Eretz Yisrael.

They came up with the idea for Paveway when they realized how complicated, frustrating and expensive Aliyah can be; not everyone has the Oleh’s best interest in mind.

They’re here to ensure that your Aliyah process happens with peace of mind.

Aliyah With Peace Of Mind

Others will tell the oleh what they need to do. But Paveway is unique- we will act as your facilitator / executor and help you get it done!

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