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Date: 27/12/2021 (Monday)
Time: 20:00 Israel Time (UTC +2:00)

Other aliyah organizations tell you what you need to do. Paveway helps you get it done!
A Paveway liaison officer (personal melaveh) will actually accompany you on your errands to government offices, translate and advocate on your behalf!
In cases of need, the melaveh can prepare most things in advance remotely so you can arrive in Israel at a functional house!

Other aliyah organisations tell you what you need to do. Paveway gets it done!

A Paveway liaison officer (personal melaveh) will accompany you on your errands till everything is accomplished!

Who is it for?

In a word: Everyone interested!
Aliyah Paveway is inviting you to see what our Melavim can do for you! Whether you are already in Israel or wish to make Aliyah, our Melavim are ready to help you!

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Date: Monday, 27/12/2021
Time: 20:00 Israel Time (UTC +2:00)

Meet our Team


Social Media Manager

Chaim is the head of the digital media department at Paveway. He enjoys working with various companies to increase their online presence and provides them with digital solutions.

Ofer Nachshon

Founder & Entrepreneur

Ofer is an entrepreneur, business strategist, and expert in management and marketing. Ofer advises and mentors entrepreneurs, collaborates in promoting real-estate projects and international business trade. 

R' Yaakov Gurwitz

Founder & Entrepreneur

Rabbi Yaakov is a member of the Conference of European Rabbis and one of the head administrators of the International Network of Professional Shatnez Laboratories which has over 300 branches worldwide.

Dr. Anna Nachshon


Dr. Anna has a Ph.D. in brain research and an MBA, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Currently, she teaches at the Hebrew University Medical School. She specializes in workers management, strategy, and business development.

Uphill Battle

We know how difficult Aliyah can sometimes be especially for those not proficient in Hebrew. We created Paveway with such olim chadashim in mind to help alleviate some of the stress and worry in dealing with Israeli bureaucracy. Allow our experienced liaison officers to do the fighting on your behalf!

Has Your Aliyah Process Been an Overwhelming Ordeal?

We can empathize with you! We’ve gone though it ourselves. That puts us in a position to help prevent you from repeating our mistakes. Join us in our zoom presentation as we describe the system we’ve created to alleviate much of the stress involved in making Aliyah

Join Aliyah Paveway's Orientation Meeting!

This won’t be a sit and listen presentation. We hope to give you valuable guidance through our Melavim. Come and see how we can make your life a lot easier!

Meeting info

Date: Monday, 27/12/2021
Time: 20:00 Israel Time (UTC +2:00)
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