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5 Fascinating Ways In Which Aliyah Changes Your Life (for the better)

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Few experiences in life change you as much as making Aliyah. This might sound like an exaggeration or a joke, but from dealing with many Olim Chadashim on a constant basis, we can assure you we are serious. Sure, starting life in a new country (any new country!) is problematic as “all beginnings are difficult,” but after settling in Israel, people feel much better.

Olim Paveway has been at the forefront of helping Olim Chadashim settle in Israel by providing different forms of help. We hear their problems with Israeli bureaucracy straight from their mouths. We see them settling and coming to study in Israel, get them dual israeli citizenship, and a lot more.

The following is a small list of benefits you get in your life as an Israeli after you settle.

Here are 5 ways in which making Aliyah changes your life for the better:

1. You learn how to “manage” on your own

This is an oft-ignored skill, and there might be no English equivalent to explain it. What we mean is having the ability to make things work one way or another. As weird as that might sound, Israelis are known for finding ingenious ways to solve different problems in an “unconventional way”. For example, it’s not uncommon to find them making small fixes or improvements around the house or appliances. Many also end up working jobs unrelated to their education, such as tour guides and drivers, making a great living. These are things that anyone can learn (and, in fact, end up learning!) and can be made very profitable.

There are surprisingly a lot of English speaking jobs for Olim Chadashim in Israel, which help them get settled.

2. You develop self-confidence and independence

This might be an extension of the previous point, but we can’t emphasize this enough. Starting your life in a new country, especially in a unique country as Israel, is sure to broaden your mind and improve your self-confidence.

Israel stimulates entrepreneurship on a large You will also find that you need much less than you think you do to live a comfortable life. Work in Israel is dynamic, fast paced and creative, as everyone knows this is, after all, the “start-up nation.

3. You make real, long-lasting friendship relationships

We mentioned in another article that Israelis might be tough nuts to crack and until you get close to them, they can seem rude. But this natural barrier, no doubt a result of constant aggression by the surrounding enemies, can be broken, and once it happens, you will find valuable friends. We don’t just mean you will be acquaintances, but real friends who will invite each other for Shabbat and holidays, and help each other whenever needed. This might take some time, but will be very worth your time investing.

4. You learn different financial systems

Israel uses a different banking and wire system. And, as it turns out, many Olim Chadashim keep businesses and bank accounts outside of the country. Learning how to manage your finances is a crucial skill that you will need to master in order to live well in Israel. But don’t worry, the learning curve is pretty smooth and you will find yourself managing your assets with ease in no time.

Olim Paveway also boasts many consultants, bookkeepers, and advisors to help you navigate the Israeli financial system. Making Aliyah becomes much easier when you have people to advise you.

5. You experience miracles (for real)

Ok, this might seem like another joke, but we are being serious. Maybe an open miracle like the Dead Sea splitting for you won’t happen on your vacation there, but you may encounter many hidden miracles. What we mean is that you may find yourself in problematic situations which you were sure would never work out, and that end up working out one way or another!

Moving to Israel might not be a piece of cake. But luckily there are many benefits to look forward to. What we covered here are only a few improvements you will find when you come to Israel. The truth is there are many more improvements Olim Chadashim feel once they are living properly in Israel.

Nevertheless, whatever difficulties you might encounter, Olim Paveway is here to cover your back and make your stay much easier. You can have a look at our services right here.

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Picture of Chaim Apsan
Chaim Apsan

Chaim is the Interactive Media Coordinator of Olim Paveway. Having made Aliyah 8 years ago, he now works writing articles and taking care of the technical aspects of the website.

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